probationary pro‧ba‧tion‧a‧ry [prəˈbeɪʆnri ǁ proʊˈbeɪʆneri] adjective [only before a noun] HUMAN RESOURCES
relating to the period of time during which a new employee is tested to make sure they are suitable for a job:

• Applicants hired should work a suitable probationary period of between one and six months.

probationary employees

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probationary UK US /prəˈbeɪʃənəri/ US  /prəʊˈbeɪʃəneri/ adjective [before noun]
HR relating to the period during which a new employee is being watched closely to see if they are suitable for their job : »

The administration will more closely scrutinize teachers during the three-year probationary period before tenure.


State officials say as a probationary employee, he has no rights to appeal against the firing.


Schools must give probationary teachers 60 days notice before the end of the school year if their contract is not going to be renewed.

LAW relating to the situation in which a criminal is allowed to stay out of prison if they follow particular rules and do not commit another crime : »

He is serving a five-year probationary sentence following a 2010 conviction for perjury.

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